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Non-Alcoholic Cranberry Rosé

Let’s make a Cranberry Rosé!

Here’s the next mocktail in my Holiday mocktail series and it’s one with just THREE ingredients. The festive color is sure to get you in the holiday spirit!

This is a perfect batch mocktail to make if you’re hosting friends and family or something to take with you to share!
Grab your favorite bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly rosé, fresh cranberry juice, and 1 -2 large lemons (juiced). Combine the ingredients in your pitcher, stir together, and top with cranberries! Serve and enjoy with your favorite people!

• 1 bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly rosé
• 2 cups Cranberry juice
• 1-2 large lemons - juiced
• Garnish: cranberries

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