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Mocktail Products

Here's where you can find links and discounts to all of the products and ingredients I use for my mocktails! You'll find non-alcoholic spirits, my amazon storefront, and mixers as well. Cheers!


Amazon Storefront

Head to my amazon storefront to find all the links to products and ingredients from my videos! 


All of my video details linked here!

Ritual Zero Proof

Affiliate Code: RZPMOCKTAIL
20% off

Ritual Zero Proof is one of my favorite non-alcoholic Spirits. They offer tequila alternative, gin alternative, whiskey alternative, and rum alternative. Check out my recipes page for ideas on how to use Ritual in your mocktails! Proud to be an Ritual Brand Ambassador! 

All The Bitter

10% Off

These are a must to spice up your mocktails! These non-alcoholic bitters add so much flavor to your drinks. Check them out and get 10% off with my code mocktailgirlie!


Halal Wine Cellar

10% Off

TheyAre The Only Company To Offer ALL 100% Non-Alcoholic Wines (0.0%). Halal Wines are non-alcoholic wines produced under very strict and elaborate conditions and must pass a series of technical tests that ensure that ALL products contain 0.0% ABV and are of the Highest Quality.

happy being

Affiliate Code: mocktail20

Use my affiliate code mocktail20 for 20% off ! happy being is one of my favorite drinks! happy being is an iced white tea made healthy with the highest quality, 100% natural, active nutrients for full-body health.



Affiliate Code: MOCKTAILGIRLIE15
15% Off

Meet wildwonder — a delicious sparkling drink crafted with live probiotics, prebiotic plant fiber, superherbs, and real fruit to give you gut-healing and immune-boosting superpowers. I absolutely love making mocktails with this brand!


Affiliate Code: mocktailgirlie

Bonbuz is here to electrify drinking culture, our active ingredients heighten your senses and transport you to a deeper mind-body experience. tune in to your inner wildness + social hype minus the toxic additives and hangovers.



Lyre's has a huge variety of non-alcoholic spirit options! I'm a big fan of the Pink London Spirit, Coffee Originale, and American Malt just to name a few! They have tons of awesome recipe ideas, too! Check them out!


Affiliate Code: mocktailgirlie

Nama is an amazing juicer company that I use to make fresh juices for my mocktails. Use my discount code to save some money on their amazing juicers. I love that you can put all the ingredients at once. The cleanup is super easy, too!

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