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Brunch Mocktails: Bloody Mary and Mimosa

Updated: Apr 25

Come on girls, we’re going to brunch!

Cheers to the freaking weekend! Which one are you ordering? Comment Bloody Mary or Mimosa! Both Mocktail style of course! 👌

Honestly, I’m not sure which I would pick. Some mornings I love a savory Bloody Mary with celery, cheese, and bacon! Other days, mimosas PLEASE!

Either one you pick, they are both so easy to make! I used Q Mixers Bloody Mary mix (which is chefs kiss) and the Club Soda for my mimosa!

Squeeze some fresh lime in with the Bloody Mary and top with whatever garnish you like! Celery, cheese, bacon, a chicken wing, anything!

Add freshly squeezed OJ to your mimosa and top with an orange peel or maybe a strawberry!

Bloody Mary

• lime juice (1/2)

• 1 can Q Mixers Bloody Mary mix

• Garnish: celery, cheese, bacon, olives, lime wedge


• 2-3 oz fresh orange juice

• Garnish: orange peel

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