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Maple Whiskey Fizz (Non-Alcoholic)

Updated: Apr 25

Let's make a non-alcoholic whiskey drink!

This might be one of my favorite mocktails to date. All the flavors come together to make a perfect maple drink. A little orange, maple, whiskey alternative, and cinnamon really go together perfectly.

Whiskey alternative drinks have been high on the request list, so make sure to save this one! I have a couple more non-alcoholic whiskey alternative drinks coming your way this holiday season. What kind of drinks would you like to see?

Ritual Zero Proof is the perfect compliment to this mocktail. It has hints of vanilla and oak, with notes of stone fruit and caramel. And it totally has that burn at the end!

All The Bitter are totally alcohol-free bitters that just bring out the best flavors in a recipe. I highly recommend adding these to your bar cart! I used their orange bitters for this recipe.

Brut non-alcoholic champagne is what we are going to use to top off this mocktail. You can also use club soda if you prefer.

Here's how to make it! Add NA whiskey, lemon juice, bitters, orange juice, and maple syrup to a cocktail shaker. SHAKE IT UP! Then you'll grab 2 glasses and fill with ice. Evenly pour into each glass. Then pop the bottle of non-alcoholic champagne to top each glass. Garnish with an orange peel and a cinnamon stick.

I may be compensated through affiliate links in this post. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. All opinions are my own.

Ingredients (Makes 2)

• 4 Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative

• ½ lemon - juiced

• ½ orange - juiced

• 1-2 dashes All The Bitter orange bitters (Code: MOCKTAILGIRLIE)

• 1 oz maple syrup

• Top with NA brut champagne

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