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Holly Jolly Margarita Mocktail

Holly Jolly Margarita Mocktail 🎄

The next mocktail you need to sip on this season! Here’s the next drink in my holiday mocktail series.

This one highlights cranberry flavor! I’m obsessed with the color of this one and the garnish makes this totally holiday-approved!

Here’s the full recipe that makes two!

Grab your cocktail shaker and add cranberry juice, tequila alternative spirit (I used Lyre's agave blanco), fresh lime juice, and orange juice. Add some ice and shake it up. Then grab your glassware of choice and pour your shaker ingredients evenly between the two glasses. Top with Club Soda and then garnish with rosemary and sugar-coated cranberries!

• 4 oz tequila alternative (I used Lyre's Agave Blanco)
• 4 oz cranberry juice
• ½ of a lime - juiced
• 2 oz orange juice
• Top with Q Mixers club soda
• Garnish: cranberries + rosemary

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