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Mocktail Girlie Non-Alcoholic Wine List

Updated: May 21

Here are my recommendations for non-alcoholic wines! This is an ongoing list that I will continue to update as I try different NA wines.



*Mocktail Girlie Favorite

*Sovi Red Blend

• A Mocktail Girlie favorite! This was one of the first NA reds I ever tried and it did not disappoint! This is a dry red blend with notes of raspberry, boysenberry, and vanilla. It has a nice balance between sweet and dry. I really like the balance and has a nice hint of acidity. I love that this comes in a bottle or 4 pack cans. Less than 0.5% ABV.

*Leitz Zero Point Five Pinot Noir

• A Mocktail Girlie favorite! IF THERE"S A NA RED WINE TO TRY, THIS IS IT! I absolutely love this red. Fruity notes of red currants and cherries are surrounded by a nicely embedded tannin structure and an almost dry finish. This comes so close to the structure and mouth feel of wine with alcohol. This is a must-try! Less than 0.5% ABV.

Yours Red Blend • I enjoyed this one! It brought a different flavor than most NA wines I have tried. This one has hints of vanilla, blackberry and even chocolate (which is the flavor I picked up on the most). It has a nice finish as well. Less than 0.5% ABV.

*Saint Viviana Cabernet Sauvignon

• A Mocktail Girlie favorite! Less than 0.5% ABV. This one was highly recommended to me by multiple people, so I had to give it a try! At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. It was different than any NA wine I tried before. It really has that full-bodied cab feeling! It has a bright nose of ripe blackberry and plum. Coffee, vanilla, and toast notes round it out and it has flavors of black currant, dark cherry, and baking spices.

FRE Red Blend

• This is a wine I can find at my local grocery store. So when I'm in a pinch, I sometimes grab this one. It's definitely on the sweeter side. High in sugar, so you will get that more juice-like taste (13% juice). I don't mind a sweeter wine, so if you're like me, you may enjoy this one! Less than 0.5% ABV. Use my code MG10 for 10% off your entire order!

Gruvi Dry Red Blend

• This red blend is for those who like their red blends on the sweeter side. I tried this one when I bought it through Thrive Market. I enjoyed it, as I like a sweet wine! It has aromas of cranberry and cherry and subtle notes of savory cardamom and nutmeg. It is an Award-Winner at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 23.

*Odd Bird GSM

• A Mocktail Girlie favorite! Less than 0.5% ABV. The Odd Bird GSM is up there in my top favorite red wines. It's well balanced and it has a nice dry finish! It's characterized by its acidity and earthy notes with fruity touches. I love how well it pairs with my dinners, too. It's a really satisfying taste in my opinion.

Noughty Syrah

• This is a great option if you're a Syrah fan. It's a well-balanced red wine with hints of ripe red fruit, crushed black pepper, dried rose petal and candied cherries. I've heard some like this bottle a little chilled but I was fine with mine at room temp. Has a nice earthly taste to it.

Surely Red Blend (Review Coming Soon)
GIESEN Premium Red (Review Coming Soon)

Add bitters to your NA wines to balance reds & add depth! Aromatic is great for a bolder red flavor, & New Orleans for adding some Pinot-like flavors of tart cherry, hibiscus, & anise. Use code MOCKTAILGIRLIE for 10% off your purchase!



*Mocktail Girlie Favorite

*Saint Viviana Sauvignon Blanc
  • A Mocktail Girlie favorite! I really enjoyed this Sauvignon Blanc. It's light , refreshing, and has a crisp taste to it. It has a slight sweetness to it but overall had a dry sip. It's also quite light which I loved! Make sure to enjoy chilled but good to let it aerate. I recomend trying this one! Less than 0.5% ABV

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling
  • A Mocktail Girlie favorite! Another one with a crisp finish. It has orange citrus, rhubarb, and tarragon. A little more on the sweet side IMO. But still a great white option. This one contains 0.0% alcohol.

*Ocean Zero Chardonnay
  • A Mocktail Girlie favorite! WHEN I SAY I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!! This was clearly created with lots of time and attention to detail. I cannot get over how 1:1 this matched a Chardonnay with alcohol in it. It's dry, and flavorful with an amazing finish. It's so light with hints of fruit. WOW. Can't recommend enough! Less than 0.5% ABV

*Oddbird Riesling
  • A Mocktail Girlie favorite! Had hints of citrus and fruits. was not overly sweet! Really enjoyed this with my salmon dinner! Just a very light white with a hint of sweetness for the perfect sip IMO! Has a great crisp taste at the end. I'm a big Oddbird fan. Less than 0.5% ABV

Surely Sauvignon Blanc (Review Coming Soon)

Buzzkill Sauvignon Blanc (Review Coming Soon)
Starla Sauvignon Blanc (Review Coming Soon)

GIESEN Sauvignon Blanc (Review Coming Soon)

Ariel Chardonnay (Review Coming Soon)

BUBBLY - (Reviews Coming Soon)

Surely Brut

Lyre's Classico

FRE Brut


Gruvi Dry Secco  (0% alcohol)
TÖST Sparkling Beverage (Tea based - no traces of alcohol)

ROSÉ - (Reviews Coming Soon)

Surely Sparkling rosé (can & bottle)


Gruvi Bubbly Rosé  (0% alcohol)
Weekday Vibes Grapefruit Rosemary Sparkling Rosé

Leitz eins zwei zero Sparkling Rosé
TÖST Sparkling Rosé (Tea based - no traces of alcohol)

Starla Sparkling Rosé

Common Questions and More

Why do some non-alcoholic wines have .5% alcohol:

Yes, there are still traces of alcohol in non-alcoholic wine that has been dealcoholized. This ABV is typically considered safe for those who don’t drink alcohol. Did you know it is comparable to the amount in kombucha or a ripe banana!

What you need to know about NA wine:

• REAL non-alcoholic wine (aka not grape juice!!!!) starts out as traditional wine and then goes through a filtering process of removing the alcohol

• Added sugar! A great dealcoholized wine does not add sugar

• Look for wines that have won awards up against traditional wines

Where to buy:

• The Zero Proof Non-Alcoholic Bottle shop is my online NA bottle shop of choice. Use code MOCKTAILGIRLIE for 15% off your order!

• Check out my Amazon storefront to grab some of my favorite non-alcoholic wines!

• Halal Wine Cellar is my go-to for true 0% alcohol-free wine! Use code MOCKTAILGIRLIE for 10% off your purchase!

• Add bitters to your NA wines to balance reds & add depth! Aromatic is great for a bolder red flavor, & New Orleans for adding some Pinot-like flavors of tart cherry, hibiscus, & anise. Use code MOCKTAILGIRLIE for 10% off your purchase!

• YOURS non-alcoholic wines are crafted in small batches using grapes from California's finest vineyards, offering that rich wine experience you love, without the compromise.. Use my code MG10 for 10% off your entire order!

• Check out your local grocery stores or Beer and Wine shops!

• If you’re lucky, you have a NA bottle shop near you!

I may be compensated through affiliate links in this post. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. All opinions are my own.

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